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Miguel Loredo López.
Executive Director in Loredo Muebles y Equipos

Víctor Burgos Aguilar, Lean Works’s CEO, and Miguel Loredo López, Executive Director of Loredo Muebles y Equipos, explain to German entrepreneurs the plant’s procedures.


Loredo Muebles y Equipos

Lean Works bets on competitiveness: The work of the consulting group has enabled Loredo Furniture and Equipment to focus on competitiveness, quality, sales, project tracking and business expansion

The expert advice of Lean Works given to Loredo Furniture & Equipment has represented to the Director General, Miguel Loredo Lopez, a fast and tangible change in the way the business works.
The results have proven good records in the subjects of sales, product quality, track projects and, most importantly, they have been an invaluable support for the company´s growth plans. The executive director reports that he has been working with Lean Works for seven months under the Toyota Production System, which consists of applying a series of pointers in all the areas, rating from the basic tasks of each department up to the objectives and scope that the company wants in the future.


These pointers, known as Information Centers for Decision Making, are an important part of the counsel, as it allows to take in time the resolutions  that are key for the company, which the staff have adopted fully, helping raise its competitiveness, explains Loredo Lopez. “The Information Center is one of the tasks that Lean Works have implemented in the company, we are getting used to make the beliefs of managing this information, which is what makes us more competitive and reliable. That is what Lean Works creates, they take a chance for competitiveness, and is in these times that a company stands out for their competitiveness, “explains Miguel Loredo.


The work of Victor Burgos Aguilar, President and CEO of Lean Works, has been able to connect the Sinaloa’s company Loredo Furniture and Equipment with a German firm. In response, Loredo Lopez believes that the mere fact of being on the map of these firms is very important for his business.

“The best thing is when we get a very good rating, outstanding, and that’s what gives value to Lean Works labor, thanks to them we achieve a greater level compared to other Latin American companies that the German firm visited. While it’s true that we did our own effort, the closure was done by Lean Works”

The best time

To the Executive Director of Loredo Furniture and Equipment, the best time to hire Lean Works is today, as it is always time to start a project that will make companies more competitive to keep up with the international firms standards.

David Christopher Alvarez Bernal
. Director Partner of Álvarez and Associates and a satisfied client of Lean Works’ services.

Álvarez and Associates Law Firm

Álvarez and Associates Law Firm has seen positive results within days of working with the consultancy.
“Lean Works exceeded our expectations”

The Law Firm Alvarez & Associates is a firm of 25 years of experience that has proven that working with Lean Works brings great positive changes in their operations.
The Firm’s Managing Partner, David Christopher Alvarez Bernal explains that he discovered Lean Works through a publication that explained his working method, based on adapting the Toyota Production System to the requirements of each client. After getting in contact and hiring their services it only took a few days to start seeing the benefits that the consultancy brought to them.

The Toyota Production System

Alvarez Bernal points out that embracing the Toyota Production System was easy, since Lean Works brought him a number of performance pointers which consist in statistical controls that expose how you manage the organization.

This process adopted by Lean Works has worked for the firm, because thanks to it all of the business performance areas are graded, letting them quickly identify the areas that require more attention in order to boost productivity.

Positive changes

David Christopher says that in a short time he began to see changes within the firm. “In the early weeks we saw that in the first place the space was kept clean and tidy. This is definitely a change in the thinking of the company. We also have become more focused, meaning that we do not waste time or are overwhelmed with many things to do ” he says, adding that thanks to Lean Works, Alvarez and Associates Law Firm has met all of the objectives.


Given the positive results obtained for six months, the firm decided to extend his contract.

“We are very happy with their services. We believe that the results we have obtained are beyond what we expected, and in terms of return on investment it is an excellent investment, since you get much more than what you pay for.

The lawyer says I definitely recommend the services of Lean Works, because “All the promises are met and exceed all expectations.”

Carlos Espinoza Pablos
. Director of Merchandising in Agrícola Epsa

EPSA Agricultural

EPSA Agricultural is working hand in hand with Lean Works for project implementation, quality control, productivity, measurement and packaging.

Despite the short time working with Lean Works, EPSA Agricultural has seen positive changes in their way of operating, says the Director of Commercialization of the company, Carlos Espinoza Pablos.

“We started working with Lean Works because their concept goes well with what we sought. In fact, we were planning to implement the Lean Manufacturing, and we found that they were providing the service. They caught our attention, we had an interview and at the end we liked the proposal, ” says the manager of the Agricultural.

Pablos Espinoza says that the company is now working on the implementation of control systems both for quality and productivity, measurement and packaging.

“We are seeing the results. We like the way it has evolved. It’s an Agricultural custom made plan and we have liked their development. “

Lean Manufacturing

The Lean Manufacturing program has been a great support for the Agricultural to objectively measure their productivity of the baler. This scheme is repeated in different areas that make up the Agricultural. Now, with this model all the actors of the company are monitored  to see if the customer orders are met and metrics are applied in different areas where you can see the goals accomplished.

An objective, the approach

The Director of Commercialization of EPSA states that Lean Works has helped with the issue of implementing and the monitoring of projects, since the work on an Agriculture is often uncertain because of environmental issues.

“One day you’re worrying about the cold, then by heat, and then by the rain, which makes us linger in the needs of the business. Lean Works has helped us to stay focused and accomplish our goals. ”


In the time that Lean Works collaborates with EPSA Agricultural Works , Carlos Espinoza Pablos expects both the Management and supervisors are in sync, ie that in real time all the company’s stakeholders are informed about the performance of each area. (I. P.)

Marco Antonio Breceda IbarraCEO of Maderas Industriales de Sinaloa

Maderas Industriales de Sinaloa

The CEO of Maderas Industriales de Sinaloa says that working with Lean Works has allowed to instill a culture of the organization among its employees, which has resulted in great benefits.

Marco Antonio Breceda Ibarra, CEO of Maderas Industriales de Sinaloa, says that working with Lean Works has helped significantly to reduce its operating expenses. Breceda Ibarra says that due to the last 20 years of his company’s growth, they had to rely on a qualified advisor to guide them in a matter of their organization.

He sees results

With 80 employees, Maderas Industriales de Sinaloa, company dedicated to the work of wood and pallets, required organization in their operations, that’s why Lean Works came by, with their 5S’s program. Marco Antonio explains that the greatest difficulty of the company is the distance between their offices, which are located in Culiacan, and the assembly shop, which is in La Cruz de Elota. This issue had prevented the manager of verifying that the work processes were properly made, causing an increase in their operating expenses.

Lean Works comes at a key moment for Maderas Industriales de Sinaloa because they helped us have a better organization, lower costs and optimizing our workflow.

The answer to their problems

With the work of the 5S’s of Lean Works, certain practices have been implemented that have benefited Maderas Industriales de Sinaloa. An example is the organization and cleaning of the company.

“Now when our people get out of their shift, they let their equipment clean and ready to start the next day without wasting any time,” said the CEO. He mentions that his business was not used to this model, which was made them return to the bad habits of disorganization. “Lean Works has helped our employees to have a better attitude because we make meetings everyday to motivate them and making them feel proud to be part of our company,” he adds.

Goal in sight

The purpose for which Maderas Industriales de Sinaloa began working with Lean Works was to reduce costs, instill a culture of the organization and make these teachings remain, even after the passage of time. “We still need to educate some of our staff, but that will be done in the future. However, we already took the first step in this business and we want Lean Work’s philosophy to stay with us” says Ibarra Breceda . The manager mentioned that if an organization has a vision for growth, Lean Works will be the consultancy to help you “take the leap.” (I.P.)


Manuel Díaz Echavarría. Director of  Díaz Salazar y Asociados Firm, Simple solutions to solve big problems

Diaz Salazar y Asociados

For our stage of growth and innovation in the firm, Lean Works methodology we proved very attractive.

So Manuel Diaz Echavarria said, Director of the Díaz Salazar and Associates Firm. With 25 years of serving the Sinaloa market but with presence in 27 states of the Republic, the law firm Diaz Salazar and Associates has reaped good results and an interesting development. However, with the growth of the business it became necessary to have tools that would implement order and could allow them to continue with the evolution of the office.

“We liked Lean Works for this stage of growth, because their methodology and organization were very attractive and it has been very interesting to follow the growth of the company thanks to the organization that they brought with their advice,” says Manuel Diaz Echavarria Director of Diaz Salazar and Associates firm.

We did not need to buy new equipment or hire more staff, we’ve made great improvements with what we have in hand.

So said the director, adding that they also achieved great order in their place of work, which has allowed them to be more efficient at times, even when they are audited.

Francisco Lafarga Tostado, CEO of Desarrollos Lafher

Desarrollos Lafher

The Desarrollos Lafher CEO tells us how he reduced time and costs by working with Lean Works

Francisco Lafarga Tostado, Director General de la constructora Lafher Desarrollos, describe que trabajar con Lean Works fue la experiencia más práctica que haya tenido su compañía durante el período 2011 y 2012.

Lean Works helped us work with less time and less waste, which becomes greater productivity and profits for the company.

The director says that the Lean Works system, created in Japan by Toyota, is 100% grounded and practical, besides, it was greatly adapted for the category of their corporation.

The company earns

Among the benefits of the organization, he points out that the work tools designed by Lean Works helped to increase the production at low cost. The secret of success of Lean Works is having an account of the material for each construction so as to avoid waste, in addition having always time goals. “The tools used in Lean Works are progress graphs, measurement indicators, time goals among others. All of these tools make it possible to measure the work, thus being able to take action if there is a variation opposed to our goal, “says Lafarga Tostado.

In the case of Desarrollos Lafher, working with Lean Works also reduced construction time, for about less than a half of what it took before.


According to the CEO of Desarrollos Lafher, Lean Works has the best quality control model and the maximization of efficiency. “They were at the work place, and taught from the Engineer to the last mason, that they first have to have their work area clean, which means that our products will get out in the market with the utmost cleanliness ” he says. They even taught to all workers that they should only have the material needed for each work, which means we are saving by not having any waste. “Now we know how many nails a home requires, and generally how much material is needed by house.”


Francisco Lafarga says that Lean Works fully met the promised services. “I highly recommend working with Lean Works. We’re thinking on returning back to them in 2013,” he says.