5S’s Quality

5S´s quality improvement for your internal business

The 5S’s is a Japanese concept that is inspired by the whole of the person, known as Konyo. This value inspires the person to achieve the best for him for its own benefit and for the society where she works, in other words, they could be defined as a method of achieving a workplace where quality rules. The 5S’s are inspired by universal principles which should be encouraged by us to achieve a more prosperous society; even though the Japanese are the creators of the 5S’s these can be implemented in any culture or country.
In Lean Works the 5S’s are extremely important for the improvement of any company, no matter its size. We begin with a diagnosis to show the flaws that commonly cause the work to slow down, making the business not prosper and we offer solutions for it. The diagnosis is repeated weeks later, measuring the changes made in time, money and production, always getting conclusive and visible results.

The 5S’s: Seiri-Seiton-Seisou-Seiketsu-Shitsuke

  • 整理 SEIRI Sort
  • 整頓 SEITON Set in Order
  • 清掃 SEISOU Shine
  • 清潔 SEIKETSU Standardize
  • 躾    SHITSUKE Sustain