Lean Works’ System

¿What is Lean Works System / Toyota Production System (TPS)?

The TPS is an integrated technological social system based on the QCDSM + E philosophy . Our system helps raise the level of quality, productivity, safety, commitment to work and responsible use of resources, achieving dramatic reduction in operating costs and thus increasing the profits of your company.

The TPS is considered a social system because all company’s employees are involved, from the most simple level to the owner. Toyota production system uses Japanese techniques and methods with over 50 years of prove. The TPS adapted to Latin America is a hybrid production management system Mexican – Japanese, using the technology from Japan and leverages the strengths of the entrepreneur and Mexican workers.

QCDSM+E Philosophy

Quality: More Quality
Cost: Less costs
Delivery:  Just in Time, more productivity
Safety: Zero accidents
Morale: Work compromise
Environment: Efficient use of resources