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BIOGA is a high-tech livestock project, created by their owners for generations since 1890 – those concerned about the current statistics of Mexican livestock. They invest in facilities and the most advanced equipment, proudly creating the best laboratories in Mexico, by the unique ability to produce sexed semen and embryos, supplying domestic needs of high-quality genetic material.

For more information go towww.bioga.com


Bioga aims to increase the quality head of cattle from birth stamped “export quality” using biotechnology tip (without any alterations) to provide national and international market bovine animals for quality preferential race.

Flexi Cattle provides premium quality meat products and in compliance with the most strict food safety standards. Their goal is to satisfy the nutritional needs of the population through the production and marketing of top quality beef, using the latest technology and the strictest health and safety standards to ensure the health of every consumer.

Flexi Cattle has a strong partnership with Lean Works, having created an strategic sales plan for the japanese market with the Wagyu breed for Kobe beef and globally with Droughmaster breed, from australian roots.

For more information check the oficial website here: www.flexicattle.com